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ADATA Technology - Suzhou




Suzhou, China (ADATA Manufacturing district)

Investment benefits

  • ADATA Lighting LED Street Lights consume less power, do not require frequent maintenance, and use less human and financial resources. The annual savings for 30 sets of LED Street Lights is approximately $150,000 RMB.
  • LED Street Lights start immediately, and have higher brightness and longer life-span.
  • LED Street Lights do not contain mercury, lead, or toxic components, and do not pollute the environment.
  • LED light sources do not have ultraviolet or infrared radiation, and pose no hazard to human health.
  • They are highly shock resistant, with a stable structure and low voltage; Safe and reliable.
  • Featured Products

    Street Light-ST1-M02 Series

    LED Panel Light- PL1-E01

    LED T8 Tube - Plastic