Street Light-ST1-M02 Series

Product Features:

- Modular design for various applications
- Proprietary heatsink for good heat dissipation
- Die-cast aluminum housing with powder sprayed finish for great durability and corrosion resistance
- Up to 130 LPW
- Designed for APAC and EU markets


For highways, elevated highways, streets, and parking lots


Product Name : ST1-M02

Power Consumption(W) Input Voltage(V) CCT(K) Luminous Flux(lm) Luminous Efficiency(lm/W) Ra Field Angle Dimension(mm)
80 100-240600010000130>70IESNA TypeⅡ648×400×140
120100-240600015000130>70IESNA TypeⅡ648×400×140
160100-240600020000130>70IESNA TypeⅡ822×456×173