LED Downlights (Recessed)

Product Features:

- Special optical design with uniform light distribution
- Comfortable light with low glare
- Easy installation
- Unique thermal design makes extra-long life
- Simple and elegant design
- Anti-RF interference
- Operating temperature range : -25℃ to 40℃
- Compliance to : CE, CCC, UL,TUV,RoHS
- Protection : OTP, OCP
- Lightning surge immunity : 2KV (IEC61000-4-5)


Retail, Offices, Hotel, Restaurant, Residential lighting


Model Power Luminous Flux Color Temp. CRI Beam Angle Voltage Range Rated Current Efficiency Lifetime Weight Dimension
LD305A5W305lm6500K≥8097°AC 100-240V0.05-0.16A0.4-0.656140000∅90 x 81.7mm
LD305B5W295lm5000K≥8097°AC 100-240V0.05-0.16A0.4-0.655940000∅90 x 81.7mm
LD305C5W293lm4000K≥8097°AC 100-240V0.05-0.16A0.4-0.655940000∅90 x 81.7mm
LD305D5W280lm3000K≥8097°AC 100-240V0.05-0.16A0.4-0.655640000∅90 x 81.7mm
LD310A10W710lm6500K≥80104°AC 100-240V0.09-0.25A0.4-0.657140000∅114 x 84.2mm
LD310B10W700lm5000K≥80104°AC 100-240V0.09-0.25A0.4-0.657040000∅114 x 84.2mm
LD310C10W686lm4000K≥80104°AC 100-240V0.09-0.25A0.4-0.656940000∅114 x 84.2mm
LD310D10W640lm3000K≥80104°AC 100-240V0.09-0.25A0.4-0.656440000∅114 x 84.2mm
LD315A15W1170lm6500K≥80108°AC 100-240V0.06-0.17A≥0.97840000∅140 x 84.2mm
LD315B15W1163lm5000K≥80108°AC 100-240V0.06-0.17A≥0.97840000∅140 x 84.2mm
LD315C15W1140lm4000K≥80108°AC 100-240V0.06-0.17A≥0.97640000∅140 x 84.2mm
LD315D15W1040lm3000K≥80108°AC 100-240V0.06-0.17A≥0.96940000∅140 x 84.2mm