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ADATA Technology Group Crosses Business Lines into LED Products

ADATA Technology Group Crosses Business Lines into LED Products

In response to increasingly powerful need for environmental protection and energy savings, ADATA Technology Group has decided to expand into the development of LED lighting products.

In addition to focusing on research and development, production and sales of LED lighting solutions, ADATA has also established the "ADATA Lighting™" brand. The brand will symbolize fine quality, environmental protection, economic benefits, and health-friendly LED lighting products. Under the supports of ADATA R&D team, advanced optical core technology, a full range of quality certifications, national certification grade experimental facilities, and other helpful advantages, we can provide complete lighting system integration solutions to help customers establish lighting systems and services.

In addition to ADATA Technology’s development of the ADATA Lighting™ brand, the company has established an R & D center in China with advanced equipment, and set up a global customer service center, in order to create and support high-quality LED lighting products, and to provide global customers with the best LED lighting systems and services.

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