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ADATA Lighting Unveils Smart Lighting Control Products at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition 2014

Intelligently Controlled LED Light Bulb and DALI Lighting Products Enhance ADATA Lighting's Comprehensive LED Product Line

October 21, 2014, 2014 - Taipei, Taiwan – ADATA Lighting, the lighting division of ADATA Technology, will unveil its latest smart lighting products at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2014 (Autumn edition) from October 27-30. The company will introduce a wirelessly controlled LED light bulb with 16 million color capability, as well as showcase its new DALI lighting products in an intelligent lighting demonstration and extensive range of outdoor lighting products.

Smart Light Bulb

ADATA will unveil a new smart RGB LED light bulb that can be wirelessly controlled through a Bluetooth connection. With 16 million color capability across the color spectrum, users can control the RGB light bulb for brightness, color temperature, or ambience lighting. An integrated Bluetooth connection is energy efficient and means users can control their RGB light bulb remotely through a simple mobile app without the need for additional routers or network adapters. The RGB LED light bulb fits in standard E26 and E27 light bulb sockets and consumes only 8W of power.

DALI Products

everaging ADATA Group's abundant experience in wireless technology, ADATA Lighting will demonstrate intelligent lighting systems using its new DALI Lighting components. DALI, or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface is an internationally recognized intelligent lighting control interface that requires less complex wiring installations than other protocols. Using a wireless network and ADATA DALI components, users have full, independent control of each lamp including on/off, dimming, and scene control. Along with real-time status reporting, ADATA Lighting's DALI products give users unprecedented control over their lighting system and allow for substantial electricity savings.

Lighting and the Internet of Thing

ADATA Lighting will showcase its latest DALI products, including ceiling lamps, panel lighting, and DALI bus power supply in an intelligent lighting demonstration showing the possibilities of lighting and the IoT. With the ability to be adjusted manually or automatically through adaptive light sensors, ADATA Lighting's DALI products enhance the capabilities of LED interior lighting. Integrated to a home security system or home automation system, intelligently controlled lighting expands the possibilities of LED lighting far beyond illumination.

Outdoor Lighting Range

In addition to intelligent indoor lighting, ADATA lighting will show its extensive range of products for outdoor lighting. Featuring an environmentally friendly, mercury and lead free design, ADATA's powerful outdoor lighting series uses professional optics and efficient one-piece heatsink technology to perform well across a wide temperature range. Rugged design means high reliability across a variety of harsh environments. ADATA lighting features a variety of luminaires appropriate for general outdoor lighting, street lighting, gas station lighting, high bay, tunnel lighting, and more. Besides off-the-shelf outdoor lighting systems, ADATA Lighting also has the capability to tailor custom outdoor lighting solutions to customer needs.

ADATA Lighting at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Exhibition

Booth Location: Hall 1
Booth Number: 1B-A09

About ADATA Lighting

ADATA Lighting is a subsidiary of ADATA Technology that focuses on LED lighting products. In addition to offering customers high-quality, eco-friendly, economical, and safe LED lighting products, the company also offers development-related OEM/ODM services. Utilizing a professional R & D team, advanced optical core technology, a full range of quality certifications, and modern certification & testing equipment, ADATA Lighting provides complete lighting systems and services. The company has established a sophisticated manufacturing facility that encompasses a research and development center, as well as an improved global customer service center aimed at providing customers around the world with the best in LED lighting technology. For more information, please visit our official website: