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Omnidirectional LED Bulb
270∘ Wide Angle Bulb Design
Similar to tungsten-based products, lighting angles are approx. 270-degree, making bulbs applicable to diverse environments.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation
High heat reduces LED bulb lifespan. ADATA omnidirectional bulb body design uses purpose-engineered structures to quickly and efficiently dispatch heat.

High-Efficiency Traditional Bulb Replacement
Less wattage for more luminance: a 10W replaces a traditional 60W tungsten bulb, a 12W substitutes 75W, and so on. This means using lower power LED bulbs delivers more brightness and big cost savings.

Easy Installation
Our LED bulbs use the same base types as traditional tungsten bulbs, so replacement is a quick “swap and turn on”. Bulbs can be replaced by consumers with no special tools or training.

Application Environments
Living rooms
Commercial spaces

Power8 W10 W11 W
Voltage100 - 240 VAC
C.C.T.5000 K3000 K5000 K3000 K5000 K3000 K
Lumens680 lm640 lm850 lm800 lm950 lm880 lm
Lm/W85 lm/w80 lm/w85 lm/w80 lm/w> 86 lm/w> 80 lm/w
Beam Angle240°270°
Lifetime24,000 hrs / L7040,000 hrs / L9012,000 hrs / L70
DimensionΦ60 x H 108 mmΦ60 x H 125 mm
MaterialAluminum crack-resistant polycarbonate

Power12 W13 W16 W
Voltage100 - 240 VAC
C.C.T.5000 K3000 K5000 K3000 K5000 K3000 K
Lumens1080 lm1020 lm1250 lm1150 lm1450 lm1350 lm
Lm/W90 lm/w85 lm/w> 96 lm/w> 88 lm/w> 90 lm/w> 83 lm/w
Beam Angle270°
Lifetime12,000 hrs / L7012,000 hrs / L7012,000 hrs / L70
DimensionΦ60 x H 125 mmΦ70 x H 135 mm
MaterialAluminum crack-resistant polycarbonate

LED lights lead to lower air conditioning costs
ADATA LED light emitting surfaces have low temperatures, and can can reduce the need for air conditioning, thereby lowering power bills.
Lumens (lm): Luminosity, is the amount of visible light emitted.
Wattage (W): Power consumption. Higher numbers represent more power used.
Optical efficiency: The amount of flux created by one watt of power. Higher nuumbers represent greater efficiency.  
Color Temperature: Refers to the light source color. Generally, 3000K represents a warm yellow tone, and 5700K represents a cool white tone.

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