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Taipei, Taiwan, President International Tower 29th Floor


A high-efficiency energy saving lighting system for a newly refurbished office building

Solution Use ADATA Lighting grid lights (10W * 4) / 8 inch Down Lights / MR16 / LED Tubes, etc
Investment benefits
ADATA Lighting LED interior lights can reduce power consumption by more than 75%, with product life over 2.5 times that of traditional lights.
LED interior lights have exactly the same brightness as conventional light sources, but do not increase the indoor heat. This can reduce air conditioning use, effectively achieving real energy savings.
Indoor LED lights start immediately, provide uniform and soft illumination, and do not flicker or glare. These factors result in no hindrance of workplace operations, and offer eye protection to staff.
LED indoor lighting products have a long life-span, and do not require regular replacement or repair. Combined with the reduced electricity expense, the cost of LED lighting installation can be quickly recovered.

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