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Conventional mercury lamps light slowly, and are heavy user of electricity, leading to huge energy costs. They have a short life-span, and require frequent repair and replacement, which leads to high labor and material costs. Furthermore, mercury is classified as a toxic substance, and recycling will cause environmental pollution.

Solution Replace the 150W traditional mercury lamps with ADATA Lighting 30W LED Street Lights.
Investment benefits
ADATA Lighting LED Street Lights can reduce power consumption by over 80%, with product life over 2.5 times that of traditional lights.
LED Street Lights start immediately, and provide overall light uniformity in order to eliminate dark corners. This enhances the safety of students in the school at night.
LED Street Lights are a green product, with no toxic substances such as lead or mercury, and will not cause environmental pollution.
LED light sources do not have ultraviolet or infrared radiation, and pose no hazard to human health.
Before installation
Traditional mercury lights.
After installation
Replacement with ADATA Lighting LED Street Lights.

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